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Primary Division Issues:                            

  • Virtual Violent Crime                                         

  • Cyber Abuse & Suicide Intervention

  • Privacy Invasion & False Light

  • Data Theft & Exploitation

  • Cyber Safety & Standards

  • Environmentalism                                   

  • Wildlife, Ocean, & Land Conservation

  • Climate Crisis

  • Sustainability Practices

  • Indigenous Rights

  • International Human Rights

  • Adoptee Medical History Rights  

  • Equality in Healthcare                  

  • Genetic Modification/DNA Manipulation

  • Ethical Evolutions/Modern Technologies

  • Corporate & Consumer Transparency

  • Global Food & Water Insecurity

The mission of the Anna Kavanaugh Charitable Foundation is to work toward the pursuit of change in policy and practice that will improve the psychological and physical well being, experience, safety and overall quality of people's lives in various areas. To do this, the foundation is dedicated to providing services and support to private individuals or causes and agency actions for awareness and change in these areas, all at no cost for assistance.


The foundation and its resources are allocated to specific division issues of driving concern to the founder, Anna Kavanaugh, and are overseen by an advisory board and planning committee to ensure a standard of collective collaboration in which to help achieve its goals in outlined directives and to bring the best possible help to individuals in need of assistance or intervention.

Overview of Division Issues

The AKCF currently donates support and services in the following areas:


  • Cyber-bullying and harassment

  • Privacy invasion and exploitation and/or abuse of private information

  • Criminal computer theft, tampering and distribution, illegal access entry to online accounts

  • Cyber defamation and abuse

  • Suicide intervention for victims of bullying and harassment. (Adult and Youth bullying)


 In addition, the AKCF also seeks through lobbying and organized action to evoke governmental change as follows:

  • Internet governance bringing accountability and expeditious relief to cyber victims of internet defamation, bullying and harassment, theft and abuse


  • Genetically engineered and modified foods awareness and education, together with the need for GMO foods disclosure in consumer labeling


  • Adoptee rights focused most on passing legislation for a birthparent(s) mandatory requirement to provide adoptive parents with a child’s birth families’ medical history information… thereby enabling an adoptee to fully utilize the same precautionary technologies in health care and disease screening available to non-adoptees

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