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Welcome to our new Resource Center. We would like to share with you what is at the heart of our foundation through providing you pertinent educative materials, informational elements and an interactive medium.

Here you will find useful links to other website or social networking sites related to our work, key news from the front lines of our issues, special contributor blogs, articles and more. Our center will grow through time so please come back again to see what's new and what more we have to share with you.


Resource Materials Relating to the Genetic Modification of Our Food Suppy, Consumer Rights, and Environmenal Topics:

 For Anna's Radio Series 

"Mad Science: The Genetic Crossroad" or "Living Eden Magazine" visit www.livingedemedia.com 

Resource/Suicide Prevention

Education Materials Below:


The Virtual Violent Crime

Media | Interview | Guest

Speaker Requests



Cyber-Abuse Kills (A Cry to Congress)

The Storming (A Cry to Congress)

Anna Kavanaugh.png

Cyber-Abuse: The Virtual Violent Crime -

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