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Welcome to our progress report area. Here we will periodically let you know how we are doing in the mission of our foundation, and also what's new in the larger scope of things, such as with political practices or legislative change. Check back in with us here to find out what we are achieving, the challenges and setbacks we face, and how we are meeting our overall goals.

Current Challenges

  • The need for immediate assistance and/or victim suicide intervention resulting from areas of Virtual Violent Crime (we define under the umbrella term "cyber-abuse") is overwhelming. Our website is inundated every week with cries for help in desperation. When we began the work of the foundation years ago, we did not expect such a massive-scale and worldwide response to necessitate our free services, and the numbers have grown exponetially since then. This serves to only highlight the pervasive and pandemic nature of cyber-abuse and how many lives are being destroyed or ended by the fulfillment of suicide. This is devastating. We are working hard to address our submission queue by expanding our outreach network and by continuing to educate mental health providers, law enforcement, and various other response teams to aid in providing informed care and intervention. It is a gargantuan task. Our lawmakers must listen to the resounding call for effective and immediate reprieve in addressing victim crisis. For this to happen, we must have the right conversation. Cyber-abuse is a Virtual Violent Crime. It reaches beyond segment descriptions under the umbrella such as cyberbullying or cyberharrassment. Individuals who commit this level of virtual crime aim to kill and make no distinction as to whether that death is figurative or literal. The number of resulting victim suicides is staggering and the damage to lives, individually and collaterally, is both catastrophic and often unrecoverable. We need legislative help and we need it now. 

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