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If you are a cyber victim in need of emergent abuse intervention through our crisis support services, please contact us immediately with as much information as possible regarding the specifics of your personal circumstances. This will greatly help us in making a prompt determination in assigning you to the appropriate member of our first response team. 

We are here to help and you are important to us. You are what our foundation is all about. We care and are fighting for you so please try to stay strong... we know it is easier said than done. 

Please contact:
Crisis Support

We will respond to your crisis as quickly as we can. Please understand our foundation does have a heavy load in queue and we are working hard to process all cases. You are a priority. If you feel under threat or are in imminent danger, please contact your local authorities right away to seek help.

If you are considering suicide or making a plan of action to fulfill suicide... PLEASE do not self-harm or follow through on this intention. You are precious and do not deserve what is happening to you. Death is permanent and cannot be undone. There is hope. If you are on the verge of suicide before we have a chance to respond to your crisis, please stop, breathe, and contact the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255. We love you and are with you, though we know you feel alone. Hold on.

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