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Kindness and Compassion. We are an open heart foundation that believes in nurturing others and connecting with their issues through the extension of genuine kindness, compassion and understanding. We do not judge anyone or discriminate against them due to their circumstances or walk of life. 

Respect and Priority. Everyone who walks through the doors of our foundation with a need for assistance is important to us and will always be treated as a priority. We are committed to providing services and support delivered with respect and to administer our efforts in the foundation with the utmost caring level of concern.

Determination and Optimism. We take our mission here seriously and pursue all our campaigns with optimism, drive, disciplinary focus and determination. We are motivated by the successful helping of others and continue to keep that goal forefront in our work, believing that everyone deserves a standard of excellence in the receiving of our support and services.

Ingenuity and Innovation. There remains uncharted territory in the division areas of our foundation. It is not easy to change laws or pass them into legislation, and to do so will require hard work and at times thinking outside of the box. We are dedicated to the pursuits of our foundation and will not allow ourselves to become stagnate. We will utilize ingenuity and innovation in all our efforts to achieve our mission for change.

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