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Warmly welcoming you to the foundation. Thank you for visiting!

Primary Division Issues:                            

  • Virtual Violent Crime                                         

  • Cyber Abuse & Suicide Intervention

  • Privacy Invasion & False Light

  • Data Theft & Exploitation

  • Cyber Safety & Standards

  • Environmentalism                                   

  • Wildlife, Ocean, & Land Conservation

  • Climate Crisis

  • Sustainability Practices

  • Indigenous Rights

  • International Human Rights

  • Adoptee Medical History Rights  

  • Equality in Healthcare                  

  • Genetic Modification/DNA Manipulation

  • Ethical Evolutions/Modern Technologies

  • Corporate & Consumer Transparency

  • Global Food & Water Insecurity


A warm hello and sincere welcome to the foundation website. It is my heartfelt hope the work we do here will help improve the psychological and physical well being of the people we are dedicated to providing support and services for. I also hold faith in the future as we strive for change in the causes of action we are committed to pursuing as we advocate for needed legislation and a higher standard of practices, policies, and disclosure. 

I have worked hard, and with wonderful people, to bring together the tools necessary to define a viable direction of my own foundation in providing philanthropic support and cost free assistance to those in need of help in areas I am particularly passionate about. In addition to this, the foundation will also lobby for needed legislation and other protective measures in these areas. I am determined to see much needed change and through this foundation have officially dedicated the rest of my life to that pursuit. I will share my own personal struggles in our areas of focus in the hope it will empower others in their own.

I feel blessed to have the opportunity to use my life in this way and pray it will make a difference... big or small... in the life of someone who needs it, and for the betterment of us all as we move into the future. May we strengthen others through our work here, as in turn, they will strengthen us.

And a special note to victims of virtual violent crime whether it be cyberbullying, cyberstalking, cyberharassment, doxing, privacy invasion, internet defamation, computer data theft, or other online abuse. Sometimes it is difficult to take that first step and reach out for help. It can be hard to admit we are not able to deal with something on our own or we may feel embarrassed or ashamed that it is happening and do not want others to see it. We may not want to reveal that our emotional selves are silently suffering while putting on a brave face to those around us or pretending that those who abuse the internet to viciously terrorize us aren't causing debilitating psychological harm. We may even contemplate, or actively plan, the ending of our own lives just to find some relief from the relentless emotional and mental battering that others impose upon us. We understand, and I myself lived through an absolutely soul-destroying and profoundly traumatic two years of online brutality in a bizarre and reality warped campaign against me by a group of malicious individuals motivated by irrational jealousies. The pain and catastrophic consequence that both my family and I went through is truly indescribable as others raped and rewrote our lives for sport in the public domain, ultimately leading to the tragic loss of members of my family who suffered enormous stress as a result. I did not believe that I would survive. I did. And now I am here. I understand. And we can help.

Please do not let these feelings stop you from getting the help you need and deserve. You are not alone, and like me, you can survive, overcome and reclaim your life... and your joy. Let us know how we can help you today so you too can look forward to tomorrow. We can do this together. 

Anna Kavanaugh, Founder
The Anna Kavanaugh Charitable Foundation

"There are no tears more sour than those born in hopelessness. And none more sweet than those that

die with a smile."

- Anna Kavanaugh 

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