The Anna Kavanaugh Charitable Foundation

Non-GMO Certification/Our Safety Seal of Approval 

Product Certification

As part of our ongoing efforts in education and raising consumer awareness, the foundation offers two Non-GMO product certification program options to assist companies in providing consumers the assurance their food products are free of source ingredients derived from genetically modified organisms.

For food manufacturing companies, or farmers, who do use genetically modified organisms but yet still produce certain food products containing Non-GMO, we offer a product-by-product certification program. Our seal of approval process will only certify products upon the completion of an investigation to verify all supporting documentation and confirm the integrity of its source ingredients. Prior to certification approval, all products are thoroughly scrutinized.

Company Certification

For those food manufacturing companies who hold themselves to an across the board policy of Non-GMO, we applaud them! To highlight their position as a Non-GMO company and provide assistance in consumer awareness, we have created the Company Certification seal program, attesting to their product line as a whole being free of genetically  modified organisms.

How Do We Get Certified?

If you are a Non-GMO company or farmer interested in certification, please contact us at with your request at