The Anna Kavanaugh Charitable Foundation

Founder Anna Kavanaugh

The foundation was born from the vision, compassion and personal experiences of Anna Kavanaugh. Anna is an author and activist living on the western seaboard of Oregon state where she is surrounded by the natural tranquility she loves. Her writing has most recently inspired a documentary film based on her original novel, The Cord of Callows, now to become an expanded trilogy series. The film warns consumers of the potential human health hazards in genetically modified foods and presents ethical, moral and spiritual questions about its use and political practice. 

The division areas our work is focused on come from Anna's own life, struggles and passionate determination for social and political change. Her personal journey has provided an intuitive sense for the support and services she believes are needed in these areas and has led Anna to an initiative of improving the lives of others and advocating change where needed through the work of her foundation. A victim of computer theft, egregious privacy invasion and cyber crime, including more than a year long brutal bullying and internet defamation campaign by a vicious and merciless group of individuals, Anna has a unique understanding to now share with others enduring the same. A primary goal of the foundation is suicide intervention, hoping to save the lives of other victims desperate for relief before it is too late. More of Anna's story will be shared in the course of the foundation's work with the hope it will inform, educate and help others endure, survive and overcome their own experiences. 

Anna is vehemently opposed to genetically modified foods and is afraid of where our organic food supply is heading, and to what end. She is outraged by the violation of basic consumer rights in the government and corporate denial of GMO disclosure. With a disturbing lack of independent safety testing, Anna believes it is not as important to predict what could happen as it is to ask questions and make consciously informed decisions to prevent it. She fears for what impact the long term ingestion of DNA manipulated food sources could have on our own DNA.

Adopted from birth, Anna has struggled with questions throughout her life in where she came from. She has experienced the frustrating search for her birth family, the near hits and the hope crushing misses. Beyond the desire to understand her ancestry, she holds firm conviction in the belief that children placed for adoption deserve at minimum to know their biological medical history. While an understandable need for confidentiality in closed adoptions exists, Anna is committed to advocating for change requiring a birth mother, and father if available, to provide familial medical history to adoptive parents. This will 
allow adoptees to fully utilize the same precautionary technologies in health care and disease screening available to non-adoptees.