The Anna Kavanaugh Charitable Foundation

About The Foundation

We invite you into our foundation and will be happy to address your needs for support or assistance in any of the division areas we work with. If your needs are emergent, please select the appropriate support liaison department from the above menu and contact us immediately with a fully detailed explanation of your circumstances, what measures you may have already taken toward resolving your situation, and any relevant screen shots or links to any abuse you may be concerned with. Upon review we will then determine which of our service areas are right for you and assign a first response team as necessary. Every circumstance is different and therefore so is every plan of action as it is unique to you. The more you can tell us in your initial request for assistance, the more quickly we can determine how best we can help you. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us so rest assured all communication is regarded as highly sensitive confidential material and measures are in place to ensure it remains protected.